Manufacturing Demand

13 Apr

Across the nation, demand for skilled manufacturing workers has increased as demand for domestic goods has improved.  Nebraska is no exception to this demand, and with several regions in the state lacking the skilled help ideally suited to output, the search has begun for qualified workers found internally or externally.  More and more production is returning from overseas to our backyards, and the incredible expansion occurring now and continuing into the future will provide incredible opportunities.  Who is benefitting most from this transition?  As many of the older skilled workers move into retirement, these jobs are moving to younger generations especially those with college, vocational, and trade school educations with diversified knowledge of business practices as well as the trades they studied.  While many are graduating with the prerequisites necessary to operate within these industries, there are still ample opportunities to be had, and with open mobility, many high paying careers are increasingly found throughout Nebraska.  If you’re looking to use your skills to their maximum potential, consider a Move Back to Nebraska.


Financing the Future

6 Apr

Growing financial worries have been the focus of many recent years, but perhaps financial progress should be the focus of optimism—at least for Nebraska.  Taking the 4th place position in a recent study, the Cornhusker state has increased the number of finance jobs within the state over the past year.  This .73% increase, roughly 500 people, may not seem like a huge impact to the state overall, but considering the implications of a well-trained finance guru – the freeing of company capital, new looks into investments and savings – the more views on how to save and effectively utilize monetary reserves leads to more opportunities for growth and investment.  As we can doubtless conclude, growth and increased investments into Nebraskan businesses and communities will only increase the rate of progress for our Midwestern towns and cities, and ultimately further our place as a state of progress.

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The State of Income Growth

4 Apr

If you live in Nebraska, chances are you have seen an increase in income levels over the year.  This statement holds true according to a new release by the BEA, the Bureau of Economic Analysis.  This branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce recently released the numbers which indicated Nebraska had taken the 6th spot out of fifty for most personal income growth in the past year.  This number attempts, as accurately as possible, to adjust for the entire population to account for income gaps between the rich and poor.  Even among the lower income levels, noticeable income growth has occurred.  What do all these statistics imply?  Increased personal income growth could indicate the return of a strengthened economy and the end to the recession, entrepreneurial growth within Nebraska, or increased land values in the agricultural regions.  Whatever the case, the sixth place ranking highlights Nebraska’s economic strength.  If you would like to experience the growth that this state can provide, consider a…

Read the BEA Official Release here.

Think Smaller, Grow Bigger

30 Mar

This is America.  More accurately, this is Nebraska.  We often hold the phrase “bigger is better” close to heart with overhauled trucks, generous amounts of Husker pride, and larger-than-life personalities.  Sometimes, even the giants of Nebraska can benefit from thinking on a slightly smaller scale.  While large corporations are great facets of city life that can be used to attract the best and brightest, equal opportunities for success, personal growth, and meaningful impact lie in the development of small business and agriculture in Nebraska.  In fact, with stable and growing small towns and businesses, the long-term health of our state’s economy is ensured.

                Too often, the appeal of small towns and agricultural lifestyles are portrayed as hubs of stagnation.  The truth is the complete opposite.  Many small towns are primed for expansion and have a market both locally and nearby that would support the introduction of a new company.  The supportive nature of small towns aids the process of expansion in a way that no city can compete with.  Apply this idea to yourself.  Is there an interest that you would love to make into a career, but find yourself limited by city life?  Consider the small town, and most likely the return will be larger than life.

Indications Looking Up

28 Mar

After three consecutive months of growth and an economic indicator at .93% in February, Nebraskan prosperity is beginning to fully emerge from the ashes of recession.  The decline in the dollar in the last few months has and hopefully will continue to drive increased exports from the state.  The indicator takes in to account six components: single-family housing starts, airline passengers, initial unemployment claims, manufacturing hours, the value of the U.S. dollar, and business expectations.


Make Your Move

23 Mar

Earlier this month, we helped a former Nebraskan get a dream six-figure job in the state. Just this week, we started searching for another. We need someone with an advanced degree and ten-plus years leading a mid-sized or larger manufacturing enterprise. The compensation and benefits will make this a dream job for the right person.

Know someone who might be interested? Are you interested or interested in other Nebraska jobs, please contact us immediately.

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Nebraska’s Big Happy Family

16 Mar

When thinking of the happiest states in the United States, many will start with the sunny coast and island states maybe followed by a few scenic Appalachian areas to make a top-ten list.  Little would they know that Nebraska, according to recent polls, is on that top-ten list.  What is it about Nebraska that makes people so happy?  Is it the community feel, the entrepreneurial spirit….the weather?  Whatever the case may be, we’re happier on average than 42 other states in this country.  How about some more good attributes?  If you have a family, Omaha is also in the top-ten for best cities to raise a family according to Charles Stockdale of 24/7 Wall Street.  Open space to explore, friendly people, adventurous spirits, AND a zoo!  Even adults can get excited about these iconic features of Omaha and greater Nebraska.  So why grow up or get miserable?  There’s a state of adventure waiting, and if you aren’t already here, consider a…

Nebraska Employers: We Want You!

14 Mar

With the second lowest unemployment rate in the country, Nebraska is obviously on the right track to maintaining a healthy economy.  As mentioned in an article from the Omaha World Herald, this low unemployment is a double-edged sword depending on whether you ask an employee versus an employer.  Finding a job is relatively easy in Nebraska, but the problems that many business owners face– albeit a better problem than most states are facing — is a lack of employees to keep up with business growth.

Many companies throughout Nebraska are itching to expand and certainly have the demand to justify growth.  Labor– whether it’s blue collar, white collar, or any color in between– is needed in Nebraska now.

What does this mean for you?

A lack of labor force means higher wages, schedule flexibility, benefits, and independence.  Essentially this tilts the negotiating power when entering a new job into the hands of you, the employee.

If you’re ready to stop looking for better work and start making better pay, consider our great state of employment and get started on your…

Tax Me Not

5 Mar

As the saying goes, there’s nothing certain in life but death and taxes.  A new study recently published lists Nebraska as one of the least lethally taxing states.  Many of us have had thoughts ranging from daydreams to solid plans about starting our own businesses which would potentially change the way business was done either locally or on the national or global scale.  Well, my fellow entrepreneurs within and without Nebraska, consider the property, job, and investment tax credits providing a unique bolster to business development.  Maybe those seemingly far-fetched ideas of being the boss aren’t as improbable as you think.  Maybe it’s time to stop dreaming about the possibility of owning a business in Nebraska and start preparing for the best new start-up company in the state.  Start your business plans today, and if your state is draconian with its tax code consider a…

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Mitch Arnold: What’s Holding You Back?

2 Mar

I’ve learned from experience that if you can’t find the perfect job, you might have to create it for yourself. I’ve also learned that Nebraska is a great place for former Nebraskans to start a new business. Nebraskans embrace their favorite sons and daughters, and will willingly introduce them to people and resources necessary to grow their businesses. I started this business 8.5 years ago, roughly 10 months after I returned to Nebraska. When my family and I returned to the state, I started a job as a sales rep, in order to get a feel for the business climate. In less than a year, I was a Nebraska business owner, and I haven’t looked back. does have business listings, and our economic development news updates are great resources if this sounds like a path you might want to pursue.

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